Eau De Parfüm

    Perfume is invisible yet an unforgettable accessory!


    The term “Fragrance” comes from the word “Fragrant” which means a sweet scent or pleasant smell. Fragrances can be considered the first level of your dressing. Believe it or not but there’s a part in your brain that is responsible for all the memories, emotions and scents; without any doubt, there lies a deep connection between your memories and scents. So the fragrance bottle you order is not just a scent but is also the way you want people to remember you. 


    Fragrances have an extremely personal touch to your look. Your fragrance is your message, your secret slogan.


    Eau De Parfum can be categorised as a fragrance that ranks second to Perfume. Eau De Parfum as perfume water. These bottles have 15% to 20% of essential oil concentration with a very low amount of alcohol. The purity of Eau De Parfum makes it suitable for sensitive skin too. The enhanced purity of Eau De Parfum tends to attract higher price tags. 


    Eau De Parfums are manufactured to last long on your skin. They are neither too strong to give the person next to you a headache, nor are they too soft to get lost within an hour or two of its application. 


    Eau De Parfums are also available in natural spray bottles. Eau De Parfum sprays are easy and safe to apply. Pumps are being used for the fragrance to naturally come out of the bottle. There is no room for acceleration or mechanisation inside the bottle. Being the most common in the category of fragrances, Eau De Parfums are a must-have for everyone. Eau De Parfum Natural Sprays are best suited for romantic evenings and special occasions where you want to leave a mark on the mind of others.


    At Cosmetize UK, we along with the professionals of well-established brands, have worked long and hard enough to bring you the Best Set of Eau De Parfums available in the UK market.


    Eau De Parfum Natural Spray Bottles can have a shelf life of a good three to five years if stored properly. Be cautious about storing them in cool and dark places; exposure to sunlight will make your fragrance bottle evaporate faster. Once the colour of your Eau De Parfum turns a bit dark or its scent seems sour or both, then it’s time for your favourite bottle to retire. 


    Due to the higher concentration of essential oils, these parfums come on the pricey end. Although at Cosmetize, we have a sale for you so that you don’t have to spend too much while buying the perfect scent for yourself. Also, we have a separate collection for Men's Eau De Parfum. The perfumes are at a heavy discount for a very limited offer. Go and grab your favourite bottle before the offer ends. 



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