Eau de Toilette

    Perfume is the art that makes memory speak!


    The word fragrance is a unisex term used for anything that has a scent and is made from a certain amount of fragrance or essential oils diluted in alcohol or water. The fragrance industry is rapidly growing, with new companies and brands being launched now and then. There are a plethora of products to choose from. It is of prime importance to know about the various categories of fragrances so that you get the upper hand at shopping. At Cosmetize, we not just sell products but are also inclined towards making you familiar with the products you purchase. 


    Fragrance production is a tedious task. A lot of labour goes into creating a certain scent. A lot of experimentation is done until the desired outcome is achieved. Once the oils have blended well, alcohol is added to the concoction for the ingredients to get diluted. The amount of alcohol added is directly proportional to the category to which the perfume will belong. 


    Believe it or not, perfumes are evocative.


    Eau De Toilette, which translates to toilet water (grooming water to be more appropriate), is a type of perfume that has high alcohol content. These perfumes are best suited for those who do not have irritating or sensitive skin. 


    Perfumes have a very strong smell and are not suitable for occasions of various kinds. Eau De Toilette is a part of the fragrance family that has a very mild smell. It is made from essential oils with a concentration of just 5% to 15%. 


    Best Eau De Toilette Fragrance bottles are also available in spray bottles. Spray bottles are easy to use as there is no need for frequently opening the caps, and also, there is no mechanism inside the bottle that could ruin the quality of your favourite bottle of fragrance. They are completely natural and safe to use. The scent of an ideal bottle of Eau De Toilette can last with your look for two to four hours. But this brings to use the problem of reapplying it if your outing is going to be longer. Due to its high alcohol content and low concentration of essential oils, Eau De Toilette Natural Spray Bottles are perfect wear for your office or to places where you don’t want your perfume to be too strong. At, Cosmetize, you can find various travel size perfumes that you can carry easily anywhere. Eau De Toilette Fragrance Bottles are best suited for the summer and spring seasons when the weather is warmer than the rest. 


    Cosmetize UK has the best collection of Eau De Toilette Natural Spray Bottles for both Men & Women available in the UK market and online shopping platform. With brands such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Elizabeth Arden and many more having a discount of 40% to 65%, shop your favourite bottle before the offer ends.


    It can be difficult for someone to recall your attire from a party you attended; contrary to that, the scent of your perfume is hard to forget. Fragrances do not just make you smell better, but you feel more confident in your skin when you smell good. 



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