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    The fragrance is like a new dress, and it makes you quite simply marvellous!


    The relation between women and perfume is a long-established one. Since times immemorial, perfumes have found a place inside every woman’s wardrobe. In ancient times people believed that each woman had her secret scent. But with changing times, new trends have been set, and perfumes are now directly proportional to a woman’s mood. As a result, it has now become a new way of communication. 


    Perfumes for women generally include types like floral, citrus, woody, oriental, fruity oceanic and many more. You can also, discover the Best Men’s Fragrances from all your favourite brands at Cosmetize.


    Floral: Floral perfumes are unapologetically romantic. They are flirty and feminine at the same time. Floral perfumes are the most popular one in the perfume family, covering a broad area. Floral perfumes derive their source from sweet-smelling flowers like roses, jasmine, lilies and many more. 


    Citrus: As the name suggests, Citrus perfumes are derived from Citrus rich fruits. Unlike Citrus fruits that are a bit sour, Citrus fragrances are for those who have a bubbly nature. They are the best daytime perfumes and blend well with a woman’s body scent. Citrus fragrances are crisp and clean, usually characterised by notes like lemon, orange, lime and tangerine. 


    Woody: If you like the unique scent that earth has when it just begins to run, then Woody perfumes are the perfect fit for you. The combination of wood and moss is the main theme of these Woody perfumes. This perfume is high in demand amongst those who are nature enthusiasts and love trekking and going out in the woods. In addition, it is believed that Woody perfumes have a strong and classical appeal as they are in demand amongst corporate women.


    Oriental: Oriental perfumes for women are all in one, it is warm, sweet and even a little spicy. These perfumes are a mix of earthy and musky fragrances. Oriental perfume falls on the sultry end and is for someone who looks forward to seducing someone. It is ideal for those romantic date nights.


    Fruity: Fruity perfumes are largely popular because of their Fruity and pleasant smell. Composed of pear, cherry and watermelon, Fruity scents are evocative of hot summer days. They have a unique blend of fruity and spicy notes that make them a perfect fit for date nights and special outings. 


    At Cosmetize UK, we have well-known brands like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Tom Ford, Elizabeth Arden and many more. With thousands of perfumes to choose from, we’ve found the Best Fragrances for you. Beauties, we have a special sale going on for you. The prices are slashed down with discounts ranging from 40%- 70%. This is your golden add on a branded bottle of perfume on your shelf without having to spend much. 


    With new ladies perfumes being launched every week, pick up your bottle before the sale ends. 



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