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    What makes cologne different from other perfumes is the main ingredients, generally citrus oils, including bergamot and orange. Other ingredients in cologne include tonka beans and vanilla.

    Cologne is known to have a fresh, citrus scent that both men and women can use. Both men and women can wear cologne. Whilst some brands offer unisex fragrances, there are also colognes for men and women.

    There are many different types of cologne that include traditional colognes, sports colognes, and colognes spray.

    Traditional colognes are typically made with oil-based scents which contain musk or woodsy smells. They also often have a citrus scent and other floral notes to give them a lighter scent.

    Sports cologne are made especially for athletes to use after they have finished playing their sport. These types of fragrances are typically lighter and often contain a more citrus scent.

    Cologne Spray is generally a more concrete form of cologne fragrances that men often use. Some sprays will also have an antiperspirant included in the mixture. 

    Choosing a cologne can depend on the type of scent you prefer, your hair and skin colour, your age and what you will be doing when wearing the cologne.

    For example, if you have a lighter skin tone, then using a citrus scent will help to complement it. It is also true for women who prefer light floral scents such as lavender or rose. However, if you have dark skin, choosing an oriental or musky scent may be more suitable for applying cologne; the general rule is to never use it directly after shaving or showering.

    Cologne can be applied wherever a person chooses; however, placing it somewhere like pulse points such as wrists and elbows will make the fragrance stronger when you move because the heat from your body will disperse it. 

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