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    Gone are the days when people used to manage with any hairbrush or comb they had. Now, to make your hair product work efficiently, you need a high-quality hairbrush by your side. It can be a detangling brush, a wooden comb, a paddle brush, and the list keeps going. However, you can buy every brush available online, or can you? 


    Most of us often try different types of hairbrushes before finding the right one. Is that the right way to find your hair care partner? Well, No! A hairbrush is chosen based on its functions and your hair type. The same can be said for your hair extensions. Here at, you find your favourite brand’s Hair Extension Brushes and Combs. 


    Choosing the Best Brush for Hair Extensions


    This can be a tough task. The mantra to have beautiful hair lies with the choice of an efficient Hairbrush and its usability. Some are meant for wet hair, while some work great with dry hair. Apart from that, you need to notice the bristle size, too, according to your hair problems and texture. 


    Here are the different types of brushes & combs that are commonly used:


    • Detangling Brush


    Here we have the brush that works for all types of Hair Extensions and is a life-saver for those who are always in a hurry. It can be used with wet hair (or dry hair). 


    • Wide-Toothed Brush


    Hair products for curly hair are considered a blessing to those in need. These brushes don’t lead to hair breakage and allow to maintain a perfect bounce and curls. In addition, most of these brushes are made of carbon and are static-free which means you don’t have to worry about frizzes anymore.  


    • Paddle Brush


    These are used to ensure smooth and straight hair. Paddle Brushes are mostly used to subjugate the frizzy nature of your hair extensions. 

    There are many more that you can buy for your Hair Extension depending upon the use, like vented brushes, wooden combs, round hair brushes, lice combs, tail comb brushes, scalp massage brushes, flat hairbrushes, etc. Here at, we provide you with the best professional brushes and combs available in the market. So get yours today and if you face any issues, get in touch with our support anytime through email at 



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